Meet the Delhi University Student

Usain Bolt, is undoubtedly the fastest person on the planet. But scientists over the years have been curious as to whether it’s possible to actually beat this guy. Lots of studies were conducted, and guess what! They have arrived at a sure shot way of beating “The bolt”. All you have to do, is place a slumbering Delhi University student at the start point, and set of an alarm. Whoooosh!!

Bolt, has no chance.

Welcome to the life of a Delhi University student. This life is broadly characterized by 3 things- fun, madness and…well, low attendance.

But there is more to us than just these three things. Oh yeah, DU students are known for certain other talents as well.

  • We are born survivors. The very fact that we got into DU, despite ridiculously high cut-offs (for example, 99% for B.Com Honors), is testimony to this fact.
  • We are health conscious. Big time. So we ensure that we get ample amount of sunlight, fresh air, and exercise by a simple, yet technical process called “bunking”.
  • We are hardcore travelers. Seriously, not one person will tell you they have qualms about getting on a vehicle and going to a different place, local or otherwise. I personally make it a point to travel everyday for at least 40 km (that’s the distance between my home and my college). Got to stay in the groove you see.
  • And of course, like our elders, we are very respectful.ย Our elders used to take of their hats, when they meet someone on the way. We take off our earphones.

Our lives have a lot of things going on, but there are two things we absolutely CANNOT live without. The first, is friends. They are our lifeline. We have fun together, we go crazy together and we definitely, DEFINITELY, share notes at the end of the semester.

The second, is food. A DU student is perpetually hungry. So most of our time is spent in exploring new eateries around the place. We do have our favorites though. Among them are “Chacha di Hatti” for it’s amazing choley bhatureys, the maagi eatery in South Campus, which provides a staggering 28 different types of maagis, and the Stephen’s Cafe, for it’s “Sexy Anda“. Yes, the only place where an egg can be turned into something sexy is here.

The best thing about us? Our never dying optimism. Our never ending ability to hope. And this can be seen even before we enter Delhi University. Every June, DU aspirants are faced with headlines that read something like this-


Yet, we spend the next few weeks running around our dream colleges hoping against hope that we get into one of them. In fact, even after we enter our colleges, this quality persists. How else do we manage to spend carefree days doing whatever we want and still hope to complete our syllabus one month before exams, eh?

So friends, this was something about us DU-ites. We are brainy and brainy. We are geeky and sexy. And we certainly live life, Jumbo size.


6 thoughts on “Meet the Delhi University Student

  1. have fun sunny boy! enjoy to the hilt. this is the only period of time when you can have all masti. By the way, have you not tasted St. Stephen’s neembu paani? Loved reading your interesting post.


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