Back to the past

  1. In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Pens and Pencils.”

To be honest, I think going back to the pre keyboard era will be a breath of fresh air.

There is a beauty to the art of writing with a pen/pencil that is seldom recreated in the elecronic medium. Being a student, I am constantly in touch with writing, and it really is refreshing to just sit at a desk and pen things down (especially when it comes to creative writing). There are few reasons why I feel writing is better than typing.

1. It tends to convey emotion. Handwritten material, even if it’s shabby, has a human touch to it that can’t be created by typing.

2. When you write, there is a flow that is completely yours to control and it gives you great freedom.

3. This is the student in me talking. Writing helps you remember 3 times better than reading, and I’m guessing better than typing as well.

4. It gives both your brain hemispheres a good exercise.

5. The smell of fresh paper and the feeling of writing on it is just beautiful, and is something only an avid writer will understand.

So guys, next time you have to type something personal, don’t type it. Write it. You and your reader will feel something different, and it is something you will grow to cherish.


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