Those were the days…

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Salad Days.”

There are times in your life, most often in your childhood, where everything just FITS.

The day begins with the prospect of something exciting and a series of events take you from one level of joy to another until it’s finally time to lay on your bed and drift back into sleep, with a smile on your face as you recollect your amazing day.

When were these days for me?

Definitely, when I was in that age group of 10-13. These days were abso-frickin’-lutely amazing. The main reason for this was, no pressure. As I’ve grown up, the pressure on me to perform and meet expectations has increased. And this increase made me realize how blissful I was in its absence.

The only things I cared about was, “which cartoon to watch?” The most difficult question was, “which game to play today?” And my best playmate was my imagination.

A transition into adulthood gives you liberty, but it is during your childhood that you have true freedom. And to truly LIVE, we need both.

So go back, and get that freedom back from your “salad days”! Live life to the fullest!


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