There is still hope *smiles*

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “The Kindness of Strangers.”

We look around and what strikes us first in today’s world is how individualistic everyone has become. It is very evident in public spaces, where people either bury their heads into newspapers or shut the world out through earphones. The place is heaven for a disciplinarian! From this individualism stems a lack of compassion, and the general perception about the world today is that people do not care for others, and would not lift a finger to help someone in need. That is precisely why, when you experience a kind act, the effect is so profound…

It is harder still to imagine kind acts in a place like New Delhi, which is known for hot-blooded people. I have seen fights breaking out in buses faster than a match getting lit. More so, it is EVEN harder to imagine auto-rickshaw drivers playing the role of a good Samaritan. And that is what I encountered.

I was horribly late for college and so hitch-hiked instead of waiting for a bus. It was just my luck that day, that car got a flat tire. I was in no mood to wait for the driver to fix the flat tire, and rushed off in the direction he pointed to as my way to the nearest metro station. I was told I would reach the metro station in 5 minutes if I walked straight down, but I found no station waiting for me even after 15 minutes of walking. Lost and having no option left, I looked for an auto-rickshaw. And I saw a lone one standing a few meters away. I walked up, frustrated and expecting a huge bargaining match before I could get that ride. To my immense surprise, the guy nodded, smiled and said, “The station is very close by. I will drop you.” No quoting of prices, no frown. Just a smile.

Astonished, I got in and within 5 minutes, he got me to my destination. I reached for my wallet to pay him, but he waved his hand and said, “Itna toh chalta hai. I can certainly do you a favor.”

An act of kindness, however small and seemingly insignificant, can light up a person’s day. That auto-rickshaw driver lit mine up. And it made me realize that there is still good in the world, in the people today. Yes, there is still hope…


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