5 reasons why Delhi winter is absolutely amazing

When you start waking up to cloudy skies, when you start seeing people donning multiple garments to stay warm, when the AC in the DTC buses and the metro turn into heaters, you know that the winter is here!

I absolutely love winters, it’s one of the things that makes Delhi so enjoyable. Also, when you think of how hot it gets here in the summer, it makes you really appreciate the winter even more…

Here are 5 reasons why being in Delhi anytime between November and February is an absolute must!

1. You fall in love with your bed

Getting under 3 or 4 blankets and just forgetting about the world is something you will ALWAYS dream of during the entire day. And getting up in the morning is 100 times more difficult than it usually is, trust me.

2. It is the absolute best time to go outdoors

The weather is just right for you to put your studs on and go kick some football. That’s exactly what we do these days in college.

3. Maggi astes so much better!

It is a well known fact that Maggi is the national food of India. And it only gets better in the winters! Maggi eateries are all over the place in Delhi, so huddle up and share some love and warmth over a plate of Maggi!

4. You get to do this-

When your friends from places like Bangalore call you and tell, “Dude!!! It’s sooo cold here!!!!” (No offense guys).

5. Cuddle

And I don’t mean just the couples (although this is an added incentive). You can cuddle up with your entire family under a blanket, talk about random stuff and enjoy a cup of chai!

So guys, don’t mope around about how cold it has become. This really is the best time of the year and you should be out there (or in bed) enjoying the times! Bbrrrr!


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