That Magic Towel

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Enough Is Enough.”

It’s a dark time, a very dark time. Everything around you is standing against you. The walls are closing in, the light is dimming slowly. The only way out is that door ahead. But wait, you can’t just walk through that door, for between you and that door is a deep, deep pit. All you have is a towel in your hand. Now this towel, it’s no ordinary towel. You have two options-

1. Jump. Jump across that pit and through that door. It is not easy, for it is deep and wide. You may not reach the other side in one go. You may slide down the walls of the pit, but you can use your towel, wipe your brow and try again. The towel will give you strength. Push yourself up, crawl, fight and climb out. Go through the door.

2. Or you can throw in that towel. In this case, the towel has the power to magically wipe out that pit, and pave a bed of roses for you to cross and get to the door. It’s easy, it’s simple.

Is there a catch? Yes. If you take the 1st option, beyond that door is a new world, a better world. You come out a better person. If you take the 2nd option, you get back to your old world, the same old self.

I can tell you that I have gone through both the options. I once chose the 2nd option during a tournament because I was scared of my opponent, who was very good. I faked an injury and sat out of that match. I threw in the towel, and when I think about it now, I feel horrible.

I have also chosen the 1st option, when I was faced with the job of editing the newsletter of my community club. Did I cross the pit in the first go? Hell no! I failed and slid down quite far. But I tried again, and I managed to cross the pit. And when I went through that door, it felt good. Very good.

I ask you, what will you do, when you find yourself in those dark times? When everything is against you? When the walls close in and the lights dim? When you see that deep, deep pit between you and the door?


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