A promise to keep

It’s been a over a month since my last blog post…

For many of my friends, this will come as something expected. There were a lot of people who told me that my urge to start writing was just because of the “New year fever”  and soon, I will come back to Earth and begin to live my life the way I used to.

And, I proved them right.

One change, one aberration in my life was all it took for me to forget the commitment I made to myself at the start of this year- Me moving out of my parent’s house.

The move happened sometime in mid-March, and all month, I was either preparing to move, or preparing to live at my new place. One little blip in my life was all it took for me to put this commitment in the backseat.

Little things like fixing the plumbing, tests, travel kept cropping up and I kept putting off writing my next blog for the next weekend, and the next…and the next.

We are strange things, humans. We make commitments, sometimes in a rush of blood, sometimes after a heartbreak and sometimes with gratitude and for a time we do manage to keep it. But SOMEHOW as time goes on, we slip. Has something that was important to you a month ago become redundant today? A great conversation you had, a beautiful book that you read, a movie that you saw you thought you will never forget and will have an impact on you for the rest of your life. Do you still feel that way? A promise that you made a best friend because he helped you out during a rough patch a long time ago, does that still seem as important?

My guess is, no. For most people at least, it’s a sheepish no. Because that seems to be our nature. Time has this indelible effect on us and as things change, we change and the words that we said doesn’t stay in the front of our minds anymore. And suddenly, something comes by after a months or maybe even years that reminds us of that commitment we made, to ourselves or to the people that are most important to us, and we feel terrible.

Yes, I’m sure you know that feeling….I have felt it, many times and I still do. I’m sure you do too.

By no means am I perfect, but ever since this realization hit me a week back, I have made an effort to change my ways, to remember and honor my commitments, however small and seemingly insignificant. Because I know that when I made that commitment, it was important to me and there should be no reason why it shouldn’t remain as important.

I started a Promise Book. A tiny notepad that I can carry in my pocket everywhere I go, and the minute I make a commitment to someone, I write it down. Writing something down helps, because it is also ‘written’ in your mind then. And through the day, I constantly keep checking it to see if I need to do something I haven’t done yet. And I do it. The results have been amazing. I make calls on time, I don’t forget to wish people on birthdays, I don’t miss appointments and I don’t miss deadlines.

If you ever faced the problems and feelings I did, trust me, Promise Books (or whatever you want to call it) are the way to go. It sounds cheesy, maybe, but it is very effective.

I made a note in that Promise Book last week. “Write a blog post at 7:00pm (IST) on Sunday evening”. And here we are. I am back on track!


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