In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Interplanet Janet.”

The minute I read this, I started rubbing my hands (you should be getting that image where the evil cartoon villain rubs his hands in anticipation and a wide smile breaks upon his face as his eyes glint with glee). Here was a chance to write out MY BIGGEST day dreams for all the world to read.

This planet is going to be the exact opposite of Earth. The EXACT OPPOSITE. Everything that you consider normal here, is an aberration there and everything that is unconventional here is the norm there.

What are the people like? Most people are friendly, open, ready to talk to strangers. The subway is not a ride in silence. It’s a place full of chattering people getting to know the person sitting next to them. THERE ARE NO STRANGERS.

Kids are encouraged to play more and learn more. It is a RULE, that kids have to spend at least 3 hours outdoors, playing or walking or riding their bicycles. This is part of their education. Being with nature and spending time with the world around them. They don’t have to learn algebra or random principles that they will never have to use in their lives. They get to choose what they want to study, how they want to study and when they want to study. They learn how to live.

Rain is a festival. The minute it starts raining, people rush out into the open and celebrate. There will be someone who starts music on a stereo and everybody dances and shares ice-creams.

There is immense respect for the surroundings. The environment here is of utmost importance and ANYBODY who does ANYTHING that tarnishes it is jailed. If the offense is big enough, say someone decided to cut down a part of the forest for greed, they are even sentenced to death.

Motor vehicles of any kind are non-existent. people walk, or travel using bicycles.

Life here is simple. The world itself, is simple. It gives the people what they want, and the people here take care of the world. They also care for and respect every living being, including themselves. There is true freedom and joy.

I would like to call this planet, Anti-Earth.


7 thoughts on “Anti-Earth

    • Nope. 1. The community is closely knit, everyone knows everybody and people live close by. 2. If there is a need to travel far, there is always the subway, which is solar powered. Plenty of trains to travel in.

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  1. It’s sad that this isn’t what our world is like! I truly wish more people talked to strangers (providing safety wasn’t a concern), people embraced the rain like a festival, and there was more of an emphasis on the environment. I think we are moving towards the third thing, slowly, but unfortunately the more time we waste getting our act together with regards to the environment means more of a mess to clean up! I really enjoyed this thoughtful post. Do you have any thoughts as to how to make your Anti-Earth a reality? (like, how to make the things you envison for Earth, actually happen?)


    • I think people will start talking to strangers if some people make an effort. If a few “anti-earthlings” decided to initiate this, I’m sure people will begin to enjoy and continue the trend. We can even tell them it’s a World Has No Stranger campaign 😛 (if the ice bucket challenge can take off like it did, so can this).
      The education system is being reformed all over the world, but i don’t think it needs reformation, i think it needs a revolution. Check out some TED talks by Sugata Mitra and Sir Ken Robinson on this topic.

      People will start playing in the rain, again through herd mentality. If they see a bunch of people dancing around, they will feel inspired to do so too.

      As you said, there have been changes towards making the environment better. I read of an attempt to clean the oceans too, which will be launched in 2016. Let’s see what happens.

      Afterthought: yours is easily the longest comment on my blog 😛

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