Out of the World!

Have you ever wanted to write a blog…that was out of this world? Something that no one else could have thought of. Something that no one else could produce, unless they thought like you. Something that made people go…”Wow! That was a good one!”?

I wanted to. And I spent the last few days thinking about that “out of the world” blog post of mine. I wish I could say I got it. Not even close. But I did get an idea that I will be sharing with you right now.

The hallmark of an Out-of-the-world is it’s freshness. It’ uniqueness. That requires it’s own fresh and unique thought. How do you get fresh and unique thoughts you ask? By looking at the world differently, with a new perspective.

And I came up with 3 ways in which you can think differently and produce that Out-of-the-world blog post.

  • Multi-filed thinking- This involves taking one aspect of any field and putting it to use in some other field. The mix that you can get, is fascinating. Let me give you an example.

If you were to take a thriller story and narrate it to a bunch of 4 year-old kids, how would you do it? The result would be a simplified, humorous and dramatized account of the story. The seriousness and the depth would go. It makes for a fascinating story. You could also do the opposite.

Apply the same concept to any number of combinations. See what comes out. It will certainly put your imaginative juices on a roll.

  • Shoe exchange- Put yourself in another person or thing’s shoe and see what kind of experience you would have. Narrate it. (Forgive my terminologies. I have a wacky sense of naming things. God save my kids).

Say, if you travelled to a new place. I’m sure you saw a lot of things, but what did your hat see?

Or, you met a poor man on the street begging. What would life be like for him?

This obviously works for blogs that have a purpose of telling a story.

  • What if…?- I love these types. Change something that it completely natural in your world. And then write about what your life would be like if it wasn’t there. It will give the readers a beautiful insight into your life and your train of thoughts.

For example, You are very attached to your pet. What if you never had the pet? What would life be like?

You could even take this one step further. Do what Sheldon and Amy from The Big Bang Theory did. Change an important event from history, and project into the future. Describe what you will see.

For example, What if Newton got up just before the apple fell?

Try these techniques. The result would be a fresh and unique insight that will have the potential to make your blog post Out-of-this-world!


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