3 things Delhi should adopt from Mumbai

Yes, Yes. I know there is this big rivalry between the two biggest cities of the country. Delhites and Mumbaikars are always flaunting why their city is better than the other (I’ve done it too).

But I visited Mumbai for the first time last month. Although I would still stay with Delhi as the city I prefer, there were a few things that impressed me about Mumbai. If these things were brought to Delhi, I certainly wouldn’t be complaining!

  • The taxis…and their amazing drivers

I have a couple of reasons for saying this;

First, they are so bloody cheap! They cost less than auto rickshaws in Delhi! A friend of mine was so happy when he saw this that he tipped EVERY taxi he took! Tipped a considerable amount too.

Second, the taxi drivers are a treat. In of the taxis I took, the taxi driver was an old man, who struck a conversation with me at a red light.

“You see the red light there?”

I said, “Yes…”

“Why do you think red is the colour of danger and of love?”, he asked.

Amused, I replied “I have no idea…what do you think the reason is?”

Putting on a mysterious voice, he said, “Because love is also dangerous…”

COME ON! I tipped that guy just for this! You get to your destination AND you have interesting (sometimes weird) conversations!

  • Amusing Road signs

Who wouldn’t want to have a laugh while making sure they stay alive? These really liven up a drive, I tell you.

  • Ganesh Chaturti celebrations

I’ve never experienced this in Mumbai, but I have experienced it and they get caraa-zy! The music, the dance and the people; it’s an experience you won’t forget in a hurry!

The only thing that gets celebrated in this scale in Delhi is a wedding. Need I say more?

What do you think? Please share your thoughts in the comments below!


2 thoughts on “3 things Delhi should adopt from Mumbai

  1. I have spent the first 1.5 years of my career in Mumbai and I can top up your list a bit too 🙂
    4) The auto drivers are quite a sport too. Many have funky audio systems installed and they can turn it on upon your request too. And they wont’t complain or ask for more money however short the ride is. In fact most people take short rides only to the nearest suburb station.
    5) No matter how worse the traffic situation is the Mumbai people stick to the basics. They understand the traffic rules and would not jump signals or violate lanes (that’s true!!!) while driving.
    6) The suburban locals of Western , Central or Harbour lines are really the life lines of Mumbai. If you need to experience Mumbai you must travel through them. You can’t imagine how much distances you can cover in short span of time through locals unlike road there. Got reminded of a funny incident when I was stationed there .My Sis and Jijaji arrived in Mumbai central to visit my elder Sis and Jijaji who was also situated there. While elder Jiju went to pick them up for a surprise pick up he too was taken for the same ,when the younger Sis and Jijaji arrived via Mumbai local to home directly. Even I took my wife on our honeymoon trip to see key places in Mumbai via local as I had only a day in Mumbai and had to visit 5-6 places.

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    • Wow!
      1. I didn’t travel in ab auto there, or in the locals..so i can’t comment on that.
      But i prefer the delhi metro over the locals from what I’ve seen and heard about them.


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