Oh the horror!

These are dark times my friend, very dark times. You have to live in constant fear of losing someone you love, or something you love. One wrong step and you will be obliterated! There is no mercy. There is no affection. Even if you have spread smiles for YEARS!…one second, that make some people frown will cost you EVERYTHING!

If only someone had told Maggi this……If only….

My friend, Maggi, our 1st love, is no more (at least in the foreseeable future. I will take this article down happily if they reinstate it). It’s a classic case of taking something for granted and later repenting when it is lost.

Apart from all the tears and the outrage this has caused (and will continue to cause), there have been a few positives that have emerged from this after all! (I seem to be reading way too much Robin Sharma lately)

  • A new King

If you happen to own a few packets of Maggi, you are the new King of the 7 Kingdoms! You can flaunt this all you want, and people WILL do what you wish, hoping you will someday share your treasure with them.

WARNING: I will suggest that you guard it, and yourself closely. The King always, always will be targeted.

  • Mid-night snacking

The taste of Maggi in the middle of the night with some friends digging it out from the same bowl is not something you can replicate. Sadly, mid night snacking will never be the same. It’s like Undertaker losing the streak at Wrestlemania all over again…

But every ending beckons a new beginning. It is time for us to find a new snack that will fill our stomachs during the drought that is midnight. Let’s see what comes up!

  • Black Market boom!

Maggi will continue to be sold….in the black market. It’s time to get some shady friends (feel free to add more zeros).


  • Overnight millionaire!

If you own a few packets of Maggi, if you have black market contacts and if you are not the type who preserve things (like coin collectors and palaeontologists), what are you waiting for!!!! Stop reading this and go! Go become a millionaire!

Nevertheless, I truly am sad that we will never get this taste again as much as we want (in the foreseeable future). I can see every kid who ever grew up with Maggi feeling the same. I just want to say, Maggi, we had a good run, you and I. Rest In Peace (for the foreseeable future. I am an eternal optimist. I told you, too much Robin Sharma).


4 thoughts on “Oh the horror!

  1. Oh you’ve put it down perfectly !!! And yeah I do have Maggi 😀 and so does every mart in my city :3 they’re selling it for a real cheap price 😉


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