Stand out!

The classic poem by Robert Frost, “The Road not Taken“, highlights a dilemma we all face in our lives; should we take the road less travelled by, or the one that everyone takes? Do we blend in, or do we do something drastically different and stand out?

I’m sure everyone has a different answer to this question, but here are 3 reasons why you should seriously consider standing out, rather than blending in.

  • Attention!

Do you know how many people there are in this world? OVER 7 BILLION and counting! (Yes, “and counting”). We all go through our lives trying to gain recognition, trying to achieve something significant. And there is NO WAY you can do that if you blend into the 7 billion people out there. There are only 2 ways to go about this:

1. Stand on top of their shoulders and scream, “HEY YOU PEOPLE! LOOK AT ME! I’M HERE TOO!”

2. Move away from the crowd and do something that they wouldn’t expect in their wildest dreams. That will turn heads and get you the recognition you want.

  • It’s hip, It’s cool!

You become the trend setter, not the trend follower. Stand out and people will look to you for inspiration, guidance or a hearty laugh (but hey, who cares?)

  • Chances are, you will go down in the history books

It doesn’t matter if it’s the history of the world, your country, your state, your city of just your family. Your name will be remembered. When the little boy said to Achilles, “He’s the biggest man I’ve ever seen. I wouldn’t want to fight him”, he responded nonchalantly, “That’s why no one will remember your name.”

Try being the dark horse. It is the scarier option of the two and people will certainly pull you down, but it’s worth it. Think like no one else, do what no one dares to do and be what everyone wishes to be. Stand out and the world will probably end up on your feet.


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