Join Nikola Tesla, Harvey Specter and King Solomon…

I wrote a post a few days back on why you should stand out from the crowd and not blend in (If you haven’t read that, please do. The post is titled Stand out!). Now, I’m going to share with you, how you can stand out and create some waves.

Be strong like Nikola Tesla…

The 1st step to standing out is to have the strength to stand out, and be comfortable being the werido. I’ll be straight; by deciding to stand out, you will attract a lot of stares, ridicule and a fair share of criticism.

Nikola Tesla was ambushed by his competitor because he had come up with the most radical idea to produce electricity. Direct current was what people used at that time, and was accepted by many people in America to be the greatest possible advancement humans can make in the field of electricity. This competitor spread rumors that Tesla’s form of electricity is dangerous. He intentionally electrocuted livestock to prove the Tesla’s alternating current was not better than his direct current. . Who was that competitor you ask? You must have heard of him. Thomas Alva Edison.

Nikola Tesla persisted and won a bid to light up the 1983 Chicago World Fair, years after he first discovered alternating current. The fair was a huge success, and Nikola Tesla won the battle.

(Today, almost all our homes and appliances are run on Alternating Current or AC. Nikola Tesla is one of my heroes for his strength to continually stand out and not bend to the herd.)

You are choosing to be like Tesla. Be comfortable and strong no matter what others tell you.

Think like Harvey Specter…

You will have to think differently, because thoughts define who you are and what you do. The philosophy of the great Harvey Specter from the popular American show Suits will take you a long way in developing this mindset.

Operate like King Solomon…

You want to stand out? Then you operate like you don’t belong to the herd. I’d like to share a story of King Solomon with you here.

In his time as King, there were two prostitutes who came to him with a problem. They used to live opposite to each other, and both gave birth to a baby boy. But one of the boys died. According to the first woman, the woman who’s baby had died came to her home in the middle of the night and replaced her living baby with the dead one. The other woman claimed she did no such thing, and the living baby was hers. 

King Solomon immediately called up his guard and asked him to cut the baby in half, and hand one half to each woman. Just as the guard was about to do this, the first woman broke down and asked him not to do this, and to let the other woman take the boy. The second woman happily agreed to this. 

King Solomon stood up and pointed to the second woman, “She is the liar. Take her.”

The king knew that the real mother would rather see her child in the hands of another woman, than dead. He operated differently from what other people would have.

If ever placed with a problem, question it in a way the others haven’t. Look at it from an angle that others can’t even think of. Standing out is all about not being afraid to let your imagination out into the world.

If you want to know more about standing out, you should definitely read Relentlessly Relevant-50 ways to innovate by Douglas Kruger and Think like a Freak by Seven Levitt and Stephen Dubner. The ideas you in these books will definitely help you stand out.


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