That night

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Groupthink.”

Have you seen people talk when they are high? Isn’t it the most fascinating thing ever?? You can just sit there and marvel at how the conversation flows (well not flows. The conversation plays Subway Surfer).

I happened to watch this process live once, and here’s how that went…

(To avoid getting beaten up, I’m going to go ahead and change their names)

Abhay: hey! I’ve done it!
Chris: yes, yes. The wind is blowing on my face….
A: I’ve found out how to recycle air! It’s the best way!
B: I know how we can tell if Schrodinger’s cat is alive or not! Oh baby!
A: close the Windows! Now.
C: oh ok…*turns of the laptop*
A: I’m going to recycle the air…*starts running his hand around in circles*
C: awesome man! Let me recycle air too!
B: see…You can go “meaow” to the cat from the outside….
A and C: *recycling air vigorously*
B: …and if the cat replies, it’s alive!
Me: but what if the cat has fallen asleep?
B: oh….*an angry look comes on his face* no! This is a non-sleeping cat! It cannot sleep.
A: done! We’ve recycled our air! Breathe freely everyone! *and…..rushes to the bathroom*
B: my cat does not sleep…it’s alive…*muttering away*

I’ll understand if you didn’t find this funny. It was was one of those things were you had to be there. That was some night.


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