David vs Goliath; Nadal vs Brown

I’m writing this post while this second round Wimbledon match is in the 4th set. Score stands 2-1 in favour of the underdog, Dustin Brown. Regardless of what happens in this match, Brown has won many hearts.

That’s not because I don’t like Nadal. He is a great player, the best clay court player in history and I completely agree. But even the most hardcore of Nadal fans should agree that what Brown did is not something anybody has seen in years.

Nadal hasn’t been at his best in the recent past, but a 75-80% Nadal should be more than enough to deal with a world no. 102, you’d think. Here’s what I saw Brown do to neutralize Nadal-

  • Pure guts

A guy who smashes in 2nd serves at 112 mph has some serious guts. The commentators were bamboozled, I was awe-struck. Brown was not intimidated by the occasion or his opponent, and decided to throw everything he had.

  • Unorthodox

Definitely this guy’s USP. The game Brown plays is what people used to play in the 1980s, minus his flair. He was producing shots with utter nonchalance and did not care if he was playing smart tennis or not. He was being ruled by his instincts.

  • Flair

This is probably what got the crowd on his side, and a lot of fans. Impossible shots were played with ease, and that 1st game of the match was what made me realize this match is going to be special.

I’m no expert at tennis, but if there was anything any smart coach would have recommended to beat one of the best in the world, it should have been this combination of qualities. Credit to Nadal, he hung on and acutally threatened to still win. His mental strength is supreme, but looks like it wasn’t enough to beat this maverick.

Here’s what I learnt from watching this match.

  • If it’s your day, it’s your day. If you have nothing to lose, nothing should stop you from giving your all. 
  • No one is asking you to play by the rules! If you can come up with a new way to do anything, you should and you should bloody well give that a try. Be unconventional.
  • A little bit of style and charisma along the way hurt no one. It only adds personality.
  • You have every right to challenge the best. You’ll face a big challenge, but if you are up for it, you will rewrite your destiny.

If entrepreneurs and people in general started living like this, what a world that would be.

Game’s over. Brown wins 3-1. As a Nadal fan, I am very, very sad to see a champion go like this. As a tennis fan, the game just saw arguably one of the best matches in the 21st century.


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