Being a Geology student in DU

Geology is a lesser known course, and so, most of the people who take this course are less known. Take this read to get to know what we go through at our time in the University.

  • What is Geology?

Many don’t know such a subject exists. So when I (and other classmates of mine) introduce myself, it’s often followed by, “What’s that?”
You can then spend 5 minutes explaining to them (I tried translating Geology in Hindi a few times. It just seems to confuse them more).

  • The Geology/Zoology Conundrum

Happened two years back, happens even today. Some other people here pronounce “Zoology” as “Joology”. So when I say I’m a Geology student, these geniuses think Zoology and then we have to go about explaining to them, “no no, it’s Geo-logy”.

  • ARE we Hansraj students??

Once we get past the first two barriers to our introduction, this is the third one. Hansraj college is the only college in North Campus that has this course. So we are students of that college. But, we don’t have our classes there, we are taught in the University Dept. Of Geology. So, we’re not really Hansraj students.

  • Going to Hansraj means-

1. It’s time to pay our fees.
2. It’s time to collect our admit cards.
3. There’s a birthday.

  • Geology department is our 2nd home….

Yep. If that doesn’t qualify as crazy, nothing does.

We spend a lot of time here. We study, we eat, we sleep, we play ridiculous games, and basically do stuff that attracts a lot of eye-balls.

  • ….and Mishra Tea Stall, our hangout spot

This stall in behind Patel Chest Institute (in case you want to check the place out). Every person from the department, from the professors to the cleaning staff (I’m assuming) can be seen here at some point during the day.

  • Field trips!

We get to go on university sponsored (well…partially) field trips to study (well…not really) in actually geological settings!

  • Small class…

So everyone knows everyone.

  • ….which means, you can’t really hide

Delhi heat+2 hour classes+sleep deprivation= wanting to sleep in class. That’s a little hard with only 20 people in class.

  • But! We’ve got swag!

We still manage to grab a few winks (and largely go unnoticed).

  • A great bunch of friends and seniors

It helps that the department is in itself a small community. In fact, by the time a semester is over, our professors get to know us fairly well too!

For a lesser known batch, there’s a lot to us isn’t there?


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