5 ways to keep people reading

I’ve been writing for this blog for 6 months now. I’ve been reading posts on other blogs and sites for much longer than that. From my experience, I’ve noticed a paradigm shift in the way people want to read on the web in today’s world.

Previously, a 700 words article with a central theme and lots of detail or a well built story would excite readers and attract more. If you read my initial blogs, that’s how they are. I was a beginner in Web-writing then, and was constantly frustrated with a low response to an article that I spent so much effort on.

Until I realized…
The way we read has changed. People don’t have the time or the patience to read long, detailed write-ups any more than they want to live in caves (although I wouldn’t mind both).

This calls for a tweak in the way you write to be read on the Web. If you are writing for a blog or Facebook, LinkedIn or any platform on the Web and want to make sure readers don’t get bored and finish reading, here are some pointers-

  • Be specific

Bullet points and a short description works wonders. People don’t seem to want a lot of starters or dessert these days (in write-ups. Woe betide the day this happens to food).

  • Give them context

Make your article resonate with them with a catchy opening and a title. Answer their question; what’s in it for me?

  • Pictures speak a thousand words

The perfect picture that supports your point is more effective and memorable.

This is exactly how I used to feel when I didn’t know why my posts weren’t working (see?)

  • Be funny

Even in a serious post. The contrast adds flavor (boy, I’m hungry! Too many food references).

  • Reinforce your mood/point/opinion in the end

In a line or two. They may not want a lot of dessert, but it’s the right way to end a meal (I give up). Don’t leave it hanging.

I’ve tried doing this in my recent posts. You’ve got till here, so it’s safe to say it’s working!


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