This blog was the result of a set of events that proved to be turning points in my life. In fact, the blog itself is one.
That was why I decided to call this blog “The Turning Point”.

But over the last one month, I’ve come to realize (through suggestions and a little introspection) that this title has no connection with the posts I post.

So I think it’s time for a change. Keeping with the mood of my posts and the ideas that I want to share with you, I’ve decided to rename this blog “Impulses Obliquus”.

Cool no? (And weird, I get it).

Here’s why:
1. I am impulsive about what I write. I don’t have a plan or a topic that I fixate on.
1. Obliquus is the Latin word for oblique. I try to always look at every topic I write on in an oblique angle, and provide a new perspective.
3. The name sounds like a spell. “Impulses Obliquus!”

A fresh perspective and thoughts from the heart (epic oxymoron?) is what you will find here 🙂

P.S- This counts as a turning point.


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