Why Delhi’s summer is important to us


True that!

Summer in Delhi is HOT. Let me put it out there right in the beginning. It is unbelievable, unbearable, unreasonable and a whole lot of other un- adjectives.

But like it or not, summer is important to Delhi. It’s a good thing summer is as hot as it is and here’s why..

It’s one of Delhi’s USPs
Along with pollution, traffic and historical monuments. You can’t talk about Delhi without mentioning the summers. It gives Delhi it’s identity! (Albeit a notorious one)

You can’t appreciate the good without the bad
I’ve been bitten by the philosophical bug lately, so that’s where this is coming from. It’s BECAUSE summers are so hot that we look forward to, and enjoy the rains and the winters. If not for these blistering summers, monsoon and winter would just be seasons.

A good excuse for a long cold shower or an ice cream or an extra ice cube in your cold coffee
And you’ll agree with me. All of these are blissful!

You can wear very loose, comfy clothes
This beats the 3 layers of clothing you’ll need in the winters. Plus, the cap that ALWAYS destroys my hairstyle.

It gives you a reason to go somewhere else
Honestly tell me, how many people you know would get up from their lazy routines and run to Manali or Shimla if not for the impending summer? I can’t think of very many people.

On the whole, yes summers are a pain. But I’m glad that it’s as it is, or else life would not be the same in good ol’ Delhi 🙂


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