Why I shouldn’t watch Game of Thrones

It’s swept the world in a frenzy and captured the imagination of everyone.
It’s also caused pain, and heartbreak and in some cases (read, me) a fair amount of hair.

Whatever Game of Thrones has in its favor, after the 5th season just ended, I have seriously considered not watching it anymore.

They are just mean
Just when you start to like a character and think NOW things will change — slash! Dead.
Ned Stark. Rob Stark. Why don’t you get Tony Stark and kill him too?

It plays with your mind…
Long after you’ve shut your laptop down. I caught myself thinking about what Stannis will do to his daughter in the middle of a basketball game. It was after my nose got smashed.

Sleeping doesn’t help either


With a coffee mug?

Because your brain cooks up its own mind-boggling version. I once dreamt of having coffee with Tyrion Lannister on top of the Wall (if there is a dream interpreter out there, I’d be happy to take your assistance).

It’s got layers and layers that you can’t even comprehend
I recently found out how Jon Snow can’t be dead because he is a Targaryen and is a part of the 3 headed dragon(?). Huh?!

You’ve got to keep looking over your shoulder…
…and keep the volume down. For obvious reasons.

But…(there’s always a but when GOT is involved) these are all the reasons why I shouldn’t watch GOT, not why I won’t. When season 6 comes out, I’ll probably jump around in anticipation. Sigh.


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