Time for another year…

And just like that, a year has gone by. It’s crazy how, when you’re in college time just flies (except, of course, during exams). Come the last week of July, Delhi University will open it’s gates to a new batch of students and welcome back the old chaps.

The new year and the new semester brings with it plenty of things. Although the 2-months vacation was blissful, you come to miss the things you find only in the university. Here are some things to look forward to (eagerly or reluctantly, depending on how you see it) 2 weeks from now.

  • Freshers! (eagerness/reluctance)

Eagerness for the fresher, eagerness for those who want to show these newbies who’s boss, and reluctance for those who think they are a bit of a nuisance (yes, such people do exist).

  • Fresher’s Parties (largely eagerness)

It’s a time to let your hair down once you are back in college, party with the new kids and party with your old friends again after a 2 month break. I don’t think people really consider college to have started until the department and college freshers are over.

  • Back to the PGs/Flats (reluctance, acceptance, euphoria, sadness)

I think that’s the general feeling among people who have to move back to their “homes” for the semester. You feel really sad, going back to these places after a full summer in the lap of luxury (yes, luxury). Most people are reluctant and feel homesick in the first week of college.

Then comes acceptance, after some cajoling by the roommates and parents.

Then, the euphoria of freedom hits and stays for about a month or two where you really go crazy. All sorts of possibilities open up!

Towards the end of the summer, you get tired of this euphoria and sink back into sadness. It doesn’t help that tempers are flying high because of exam stress.

  • Elections (largely reluctance)

You’ve got people campaigning left and right, and flyers living up to their name “flyers”. It causes a lot of mess, as far as I’m concerned and a lot of people share the feeling.

  • For the 1st years…(definitely eagerness)

It’s a chance to exploit their new-found freedom! They are probably looking forward to this year the most, and 2 more years of the same freedom (or so they think).

  • For the 2nd years…(eagerness?)

I don’t know how they’re feeling, to be honest. They’re results aren’t even out yet! (as of this writing) A lot of myths were destroyed for them in their first year, and a lot of realities revealed themselves (they’ll know what I mean). But, many of the 2nd years did find an outlet to their passion and are looking forward to another year of excitement!

And how can I forget. They’ll be seniors to the 1st years now. I know I was excited for it 😉

  • For the 3rd years…(reluctance…)

It’s time to strap down and start getting serious. Interviews and exams are looming and so does the end of their 3 amazing years. That said, it’s also time to make use of this year to do all the things that were missed in the first two!

Whether you feel eager or reluctant, it’s another year filled to the brim with a lot of possibilities. I’m a little reluctant, because it’s my 3rd year, but that doesn’t mean I’m not going to go on the 1st day excited! You should too 🙂


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