“Hairy” Significance

When a lot of people meet me, a question involuntarily (or voluntarily) pops into their mind. If only…….if only this guy heard of something called shaving. They see no point in having a beard!

For all those people, I write this post.

  • Mother Nature thinks different 😉

I have studied evolution in my classes and one thing that has resurfaced over and over is this- If Mother Nature thinks something is not useful, she will remove it through evolution. Clearly, if a beard was not useful, in the 2 million-odd year old human history, it would have been removed.

  • It looks shabby?

To everyone who thinks a beard is shabby and unprofessional, I would like you to meet a certain individual called Robert Downey Jr.

Enough said.

  • It makes us look older.

I agree! And that’s not a bad thing. Since old times, beards have signified a certain air and wisdom. Ask this wise man.

It is true, my friend.

  • Formidable look.

An angry look from a bearded person is much scarier than one from a clean-shaved person. See for yourselves.


  • A peek into his mind

You can tell a lot about a man’s mood by how well his beard is kept. Shabby, long beard probably means he’s distracted or lazy. A sharp beard means he is focussed and sharp. Useful information I’d say.

  • A sign a masculinity

I told you earlier, nature intended men to have a beard. Masculinity and strength have always been associated with a beard.

So the next time you tell someone to shave, or hear someone saying there is no “point to a beard”, show them this. To all those who have a beard, wear it proudly!



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