I am fascinated by how the mind works. How we think.

We are the only (known) beings on the planet that have the ability to think about what we are thinking. And that’s a fascinating realization!

Think about it. Right about now, you are thinking about how you are thinking. Which makes you think about the fact that you CAN think about how you are thinking. Thinking about how awesome it is to think about how you are thinking will make you wonder whether you are the only person who thinks this way about how you are thinking about thinking (which you aren’t. I think so too). You eventually reach a point where you are thinking about how long you can think about the ability to think about what you are thinking. That’s a lot of thinking you just did.

It’s mind boggling!

Our mind can form this never ending chain, and I think that’s where the expression “train of thought” came from. This is probably the one expression in the English language that fascinates me the most. It not only perfectly captures what goes on in our head, thinking about this expression sometimes starts it’s own train of thought (remember that episode where Sheldon does this?).

There’s another fascinating thing about the train of thought. Even though when you think about this train as a whole it seems completely sequential, at every point of the train there were infinite number of directions available for it to go. It is divergent AND sequential at the same time!

To me, that’s a fantastic way to demonstrate instances where the left hemisphere and the right hemisphere work together. Generally, the left hemisphere of the brain works with things that require logic and sequence. The right hemisphere is responsible for simultaneous or divergent thinking. There are many tasks that require the work of both these hemispheres at the same time, but rarely do you see an example where they seem to work the task almost 50-50.

You may have noticed how this entire post itself is a train of thought, where one thing is leading to another but at the same time it could have gone in completely different directions! I just realized it, and again I’m fascinated by how our mind can act like it has a mind of it’s own! Damn, if our mind has a mind of it’s own (just maybe), does that mind have a mind of it’s own too?

Is our brain just a never ending loop of thoughts? Can we think infinitely?

And I’m thinking about thinking again. (Perfect.)


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