10 perks of being in Delhi University

College life is the definitive period of every person’s life. It’s where you get your first shot at “living”. If you are in India, nothing beats the experience you will get in the country’s top university, Delhi University.
If you have managed to survive the ridiculous cut-offs and the days of standing in lines getting admission, congratulations. You have entered into what will arguably be the most eventful years of your life.

  • You’ll fit in

No matter who you are and where you are from, you will fit in. People come here from all over the country, from all sorts of backgrounds. They have specific tastes, enjoy certain experiences and are “into” specific things. If you were called the nut-case of your school, you don’t have to worry about that here.

  • New people, new perspectives

At the same time, being in close proximity with people completely different from you will make you appreciate different perspectives.

  • Become a daredevil

If you were shy or reserved in school, DU will take that out of you in 3 months. From an introverted bookworm, i turned into a guy always open to new experiences. If it can happen to me, it can happen to you.

  • Friendships

With the huge diversity that DU has, your perspective of what ‘friends’ are will change. 3 years with the same group of people will reveal things you want and don’t want in your friends, and that’s important life information.

  • Become a crisis expert

Exams in DU will drill this into you big time. Studies only begins a month before exams; that’s a crisis if there ever was one. From getting notes from classmates to cramming stuff up to pass, you will become a crisis-expert in 3 years’ time.

  • Street-smart

Dealing with rikshaw-wallahs and shopkeepers, brokers and PG owners will give you hands-on experience that no book can teach.

  • You will discover who you are.

Period. The process is ambiguous, and different for different people. But one thing is certain; you will be a very different person when you leave.

  • The little things matter

Spending an evening in the Ridge, going completely bonkers in the Delhi Metro or having deep conversation in your flat/PG late in the night, you will come to realize that these things are much more important that attending every class on your timetable and studying like crazy.

  • Standing in queues will become second-nature

Source: Google Images

For everything, from admissions to fee payment to admit card collections, there will be queues. Ginormous ones. You’ll just learn to deal with it. It’s excellent practice for dealing with government entities later on in life.

  • You’ll learn to deal with bad experiences

You are bound to encounter a fight or two in your time here. Friendships will be broken, you will be embarrassed in front of everyone. But eventually, everything passes.

I say this again, DU will change you. It will make you smarter, sharper and wiser. If you are a fresher reading this post, welcome to your new world. If you are already a DUite, I hope i brought back fond memories. If you are neither of the above, I hope you were reminded of your college experiences 🙂


12 thoughts on “10 perks of being in Delhi University

  1. Geeeez m already so excited to complete my schooling!! Whenever I think of college I have this weird flutter in my tummy!!! You fed that hunger to know what is it like to “in college” ! Seems like it’ll be more fun than torture.. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Vishesh Gautam says:

    Very well written but still, It’s far from being complete. Thus though it has been given the outlines, this painting is half colored and half-monochrome.


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