6 types of freshers in Delhi University

Another year has started in Delhi University, and despite seriously ridiculous cut-offs (100.25% for some courses, beat that), the university has seen a flood of students.

Although thousands of students enter the university every year, there are some types of people who you will find across space and time. Here are 5 types of freshers you are sure to find in a DU college.

  • The Padhaku

Appearance– they stand out. They are like the overgrown school kid in formal clothes. You can see them from a mile away.

Features– mostly bespectacled, with hair very neatly combed. Unfit.

Characteristics– shy to the core. But when it comes to a class, they are the life of the party (class being the party).

  • Spoiled brats

Appearance– impeccable. Not a hair out of place (unless carefully placed out of place).

Features– Latest clothes, cool car (which is probably chauffeur-driven. DO NOT say driver. Always, a chauffer), super rich (but you already knew that).

Characteristics– very outgoing, sometimes even haughty. Will be initially reluctant to have a banta or something. Life of a party (the real party). Generally don’t get along with the Padhakus.

  • Simpletons

Appearance– simple.

Features– …simple.

Characteristics– um…simple?

  • Fashionistas

Close enough.

Appearance– the thing that they devote most of their time to. Literally.

Features– The dream of any fashion photographer.

Characteristics– a “beauty break” (or whatever it’s called) after every class, fussy about things like their nails and even if they died they would not want to be found sitting on the floor of the metro station.

  • The comedians

Appearance-….is the lack of it. They are generally rugged and unkept.

Features– a wicked gleam in their eyes with a touch of a sly grin. Think Fred and George Weasely.

Characteristics– joke joke joke joke! They’re a hoot!

  • The lost souls

Appearance– You can’t really saw. They come in all shapes and sizes.

Features– Wide eyes and open mouths. Generally, lost.

Characteristics– Unable to answer questions immediately. Their standard response is “huh?”. Where are you from? Which course? What are your hobbies? All…”huh?”.

There’s are just some generalizations. But these are the freshers that provide entertainment, to the freshers and seniors alike 😉 (no offence intended by the way).

Who did you think of in each category?


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