Lord Vodermort Jr.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Fourth Wall.”

Harry Potter! The one franchise that I’ve followed like Indians follow cricket.
If I could be in the Harry Potter story, I want to be Lord Voldermort’s son.

When Voldermort was in Albania after he school, he met a woman who fell in love with him. He obviously didn’t love her back, since he was born under a love spell, but the woman was incessant. Voldermort was immune to love, but he wasn’t immune to the effects of drugs.
The woman drugged him, and the result was me.

I do not enter the story years until years later, after the return of Voldermort and his fight with Harry in the graveyard.
My mother, on her deathbed, told me about my father and how he is the worst person in the world. When he found out he had been tricked, he tried to kill my mother, but she was saved by my grandma.
Enraged, I’d go to England to meet my “father” and help defeat him.

P.S- I’d be a wizard too, but a completely untrained one but with special powers.
P.P.S- I can talk to snakes!


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