Why do I blog……???

It was a normal evening after college when me and my friend were sitting in a coffee shop talking about everything from how degraded Bollywood is to what is the meaning of life.

Suddenly, I exclaimed, “Yaar! Last month I had over 1000 views on my blog! These days I’m hardly getting 5. It’s so depressing…”

To that, she asked me a question that resulted in this blog post.

“Do you blog to get more views on your stats or because you just want to write?”

I couldn’t answer that question then. After 3 days, I am still forming an answer. And so I’m just going to let my thoughts flow…

Yes, I began blogging not because I wanted people to read what I write (in fact, I was very shy when my brother broadcast my first post to every person he knew), but because I wanted to just write. It was a part of me that I had never explored and I started it on a whim.

But I think somewhere between the allure of the stats page on WordPress and the feeling I got when people started following, liking and commenting on my posts, I started focusing more on how many people are reading. The success of a post was not determined by how well I thought I had written it, but how many people had viewed it and liked it.

So posts like Thinking and The truth about writer’s block, which I had been very happy with when I wrote them, became mediocre when I saw there weren’t that many views. And posts like Why I shouldn’t watch Game of Thrones or The dark side of summer internships, which were not so much an article as a list, I considered successes because they got over 40 views.

Having more readers is a great thing. It really feels good that people are reading and liking what I write. But I have now realized that the success of my posts or my blog as a whole, is not determined by this. I still want more views (duh!) and I will still keep promoting it everywhere, but now, I won’t feel “depressed” by my posts or my blog just because the views dipped.

I love writing. And I’ll keep writing. That’s why I blog.

(To that friend- If I ever do whine about not getting many views in the future, please remind me of this post.)


2 thoughts on “Why do I blog……???

  1. I completely understand this.
    But you’re so much more serious than I am about blogging. For me it was just born out of summertime boredom 😛
    My friend had once shared one of my posts and a bunch my acquaintances ended up going through it as well and even though my views shot up, I hated it. It wasn’t meant for them to see.
    I’m quite happy with my 5-10 views per post.
    At the same time, I admire how you’re so into this. Great work! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    • To each his own i guess.
      Yeah, initially for me as well, the blog was about finding my interests and meeting new people.

      It’s when i saw the opportunities available that i got serious. This blog is still relatively “informal”, where i write as a passtime.

      I started another blog last month, which I’m developing as a professional site. So yes, the blog world has opened up a lot of avenues for me.

      I’ve read your posts, they’re really personal. I see why it would be annoying for your friends to read it 😛

      Thank you 😀 and i enjoy your work too!

      Liked by 1 person

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