An open letter to the Indian Society

Dear Indian society,

I hate the world as it is today. More so, I hate the society in India today. People, expectations, perceptions, economics; all of it are out to strangle the dreams of the youth.

You may not empathize with me, but you can probably sympathize.

One word can define society here- Security. It’s what everyone is after, but no one is satisfied with. It’s what almost every person wants to achieve in life. Job security. Societal security. Financial security. There is no sense of adventure, there is no sense of wonder and there is no sense of excitement.

Why is that bad? It is bad because it stifles the ones in the country who do not want these things. People like me, who yearn for adventure, wonder and excitement, people who cannot settle for one thing, people who need movement in life are strangled slowly until these yearnings are killed. Yes, killed.

I do not care what “people” think about my dreams. I couldn’t care less. What I do not understand is, once we reveal our dreams, what gives you the right to judge those dreams and decide it’s not right for us? Why do you think it necessary to force your ideas and intentions onto us?

And if we resist, we are cajoled, reasoned with, emotionally blackmailed, forced to do what you think is right. Ask 75% of any engineering or medical student in the country.

I revolted and escaped this the first time I faced this situation. I dodged left and right and got out of the snare. And I’m facing this situation again now. Keeping the last time in mind, you seem to be even more careful this time. You are making sure that I have no loopholes to escape through. You are making sure that I now do what is acceptable. What is “right”.

Have I tried reasoning with you? No.

Have I tried explaining my dreams to you? No.

Why? Because I know what you will say. “You are still “young”. You don’t know the real world yet.”

I don’t want people to quash my dreams. I don’t want people to say it’s not good enough. I don’t want you to look at me with pitying eyes that say, “Oh…this guy is dreaming. How cute. We should show him reality.”

I believe in my dreams. I believe that no matter no secure I am (or not) I will be happy pursuing this dream. Why, oh why can’t you understand this?ย 

After a mother bird teaches her baby birds to fly, she lets them off into the world to find their own way.
Why do you (dear parents) feel it necessary to make sure that after you teach us to walk, ensure that you choose the path, tile the path, ensure that there is a pot of gold waiting for us at the end of the path and make a guard of honour for us while we walk that path?

Why do you expect us to choose what you think is right? Why should we live your dreams?

Take a good hard look at what you are doing. Answer these questions, if not aloud but at least to yourself. Answer them honestly.

You may never understand us. But you can listen to us. Here is a humble request: Don’t stop us from making our own mistakes.ย 

You got where you are with the mistakes you made. Let us make our own. Let us create our own life. You owe us this much.

Yours truly,

An Indian Dreamer.


4 thoughts on “An open letter to the Indian Society

  1. This could not be more perfectly said.

    Trust me when I say I’ve had each and every thought you penned down into this post.

    P S – doing engineering course for IIT.

    P PS – I thought the path thingy too.

    Liked by 1 person

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