Long-lost twins

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Delayed Contact.”


There aren’t many people with whom you are NEVER bored. That’s right, never. My brother is that person for me. And these past 16 years would have been really dull for me had he not been there…

But, if that indeed was the case, and I walked into him today outside a coffee shop, it would be crazy. A lot of people tell me that we look like twins (I’m 4 years older to him), and that our voices are exactly the same on the phone. I don’t see it (or hear it) at all, but if I was to meet him for the very first time as a complete stranger, I might.

And that would freak me out (and I am assuming it would freak him out too). It could become one of those classic stories of long-lost siblings who meet many years later to find out their parents had separated them for whatever reason, and the two siblings would unite to defeat that reason and live happily ever after.

Or, we would just apologize and move on with our lives. Because as I said, we don’t see how we look the same. And to be brutally honest, our interests and perks are very different. I love reading books, he’s more of a movie watcher. I take initiative, he’s more of a laid-back person (which I envy. I could never cultivate that attitude). I have a hold on my temper, he certainly doesn’t.

A big reason why we are so close, and that I am never bored with him is that he has been around for almost my entire life. Life without him would feel empty, devoid of excitement and laughter and being randomly punished for mischief he does.

If not for that connection by blood and time, I don’t think we’d click.

I’m really hoping it’s the first case. But realistically, it would be the second. And life would be very dull.


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