ABC of writing a blog post

A couple of months back, I used to churn out one post every day. A few people asked me, “Dude?! How can you think of stuff to write about every single day???” I laughed it off then, but I was thinking about this today. You (and all my readers) only get to see the end result. You don’t really know what goes on behind the scenes to produce a blog post.

Honestly, the process is chaotic. Posts just….happen (and I’m not being modest here). Nevertheless, I’d like to give some order to this chaos (so I can understand it myself, and hopefully inspire someone else out there to start writing. Because it’s not as hard as it looks).

  • Inspiration

The soul of a blog post. It’s the first barrier to any writing that can take place.

If you haven’t noticed this till now, all of my blog posts are on random things (hence “Impulses” in the title of the blog). That’s because I get my inspiration for posts from the most random things. Take this post. I got the idea of writing about how I write blogs because of a simple question that a few people asked me. I didn’t sit for an hour staring at the computer screen trying to conjure a post, I found it.

Your day is filled with potential blog posts. Introspection during a walk in the park, is a blog post. A conversation you had with your friends that turned out to be hilarious, is a blog post. A question that intrigued you and made you think, is a blog post.

You don’t conjure blog posts from thin air, you find it in your day. Start looking.

  • Making sense of the inspiration

Not all inspirations are transformed into posts. Because sometimes, you are not able to decide what about this inspiration you want to convey.

Never fear. It’s a normal part of the process. Writing is a little bit of art, a little bit of science. This is the artistic part. Once you find an inspiration, write it down immediately (or you will forget it). When you find a quiet place, or when you think of writing, take a look at that inspiration. Close your eyes and think about how you can convert that into something tangible. Experiment different angles.

For example, take this post. My inspiration was a question- How can you think of things to write about?

Questions buzzed through my head. Do I write about just getting blog post ideas? Do I write about the process of writing a post? Do I suggest simple topics to write about if you are lost?

There’s never one right angle to an inspiration (that’s why, this is the art part). From the inspiration, decide what you wish to convey.

I decided, I will explain about how I create blog posts, and help simplify the entire process.

  • How to write it

This is the science part of your post.

a) Decide the construct- Is it going to be in the form of paragraphs? Is it going to be a story? Is it going to be bullet points? Could you personalize it by writing it like a letter? These are some of the common ones that I use. You can certainly think of more.

b) Make sure you stick to what you wish to convey- It’s easy to drift off topic in the heat of the moment. Make sure whatever you are writing is related to your idea and the purpose of writing the post.

  • Let the words flow!

Start writing! Keeping (b) in the above point at the back of your mind, put words to your inspiration. It doesn’t matter if it is flashy or flowery or simple. Type what feels right. That’s the only way “your signature” comes onto your post.

  • Edit and post!

Add pictures if you wish to, go through the draft twice to see if you have made any typos. Highlight sentences you think are important, add emphasis where you think necessary. It’s what will make your reader feel as if he is listening to someone speak out the words in his/her head.

Then, hit Publish!

Was that so hard?


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