Why what you (yes, you) think is important to me!

First of all, I’d like to put it out there that blogging and the blogging world is absolutely amazing. You’ve got me hooked. I love the atmosphere and the people I’ve met here have been nothing but amazing. I am yet to make a real friend over here, but the acquaintances that I’ve made are certainly “acquaintances for life” (if I may).

It’s the positivity that I get out of writing and the vibes that I get from every reader that makes me feel so good. A kind word or a praise can really make someone’s day, and that’s what I get out of this. Not to mention, the feedback that I receive from my friends on each blog post.

A kind word or a praise can really make a person’s day.

Feedback. It’s an unique thing isn’t it? It’s what people don’t like to get (for the illusion in most people’s minds that they are awesome is destroyed), but it’s what goes a long way in making you better at whatever you do.

This past weekend has been one of the most rewarding ones for me. I spent the entire weekend going from one Toastmasters event to another giving speeches, conducting training sessions and a little Improv session as well.

And I say rewarding, for a variety of reasons.

  • Purely for the adrenaline rush that I get when I go on stage, or talk to people, new and old.
  • A chance to add value to someone else’s life.
  • A chance to put a smile on someone’s face.
  • A chance to grow, genuinely.

I happened to achieve all of this. But that last one was what made it feel that it was extremely rewarding. I’ll always remember this weekend for the first ever Training session I conducted. And you know what? It wasn’t an outright success! Sure, the response from most people was great (to my face), but I found out later that I didn’t conduct the session the way a training session is conducted. I was still being a “speaker”. Not a “trainer”.

Having dreams of one day doing this sort of a thing regularly, I think it was extremely fortunate for me that the difference between a “Speaker” and a “Trainer” was pointed out after my very first session. (FYI, a speaker speaks with the audience responding largely non-verbally. The speaker leads and guides the entire session. But a Trainer is required to have about a 60-40 ratio of verbal communication between him and the audience. It’s the trainees who need to tell you where they have problems, so they can be trained to tackle them).

Feedback goes a long way in making a person feel valued.

I got to know this, only and only because someone had the courage to come up and tell me about this. Or I’d have still been under the illusion that “I’m a great trainer too!”

How is this related to blogging? Well, feedback on what you thought about a post goes a long way in helping the writer get better, both in life and as a writer. And, as I said, it makes the person valued.

So go ahead and explore new blogs, and make sure you share your feedback. Your feedback might just be the thing that takes him/her to the next level!


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