One of those days…ugh!

No matter how many self-help books you read, and make a promise to yourself that you WILL NOT take your frustration out on other people, it all goes for a toss when you actually face the situation.

Now, I pride myself in the fact that I get angry very rarely. But when I do, I get really angry. Yesterday was one such day. Everything seemed to go wrong. I was playing basketball, and I wasn’t scoring even with layups, let alone shots. On top of that, during a tackle, this guy bashed his shoulder straight into my jaw. It’s all swollen now and still hurting.

To top it all off, I was losing my head over a talk I have to give at a conference next week. It’s my first major gig, and I am going to be speaking to people who are easily twice my age. I needed a good topic with good stories to back it up. But my mind refused to come up with one.

AND–a questionnaire I circulated among the participants to find out what exactly they needed at this point in time came back with results that was completely opposite to what I was expecting. So the few mediocre topics that I had, had to be thrown out of my head.

Terrible play, aching jaw, brain refusing to work, horrible anticipation–that pretty much summed it all up.

I’m sure you have faced these situations where things just went wrong everywhere.

It’s times like this that you realize just how weak your self control is. I have ready a lot of books from the self-help genre, and each book tells you to control your anger when things go wrong. But I’m telling you, none of those tips seem to work when you face such a gigantic goof-up of a day.

I’m not going to leave you with tips to deal with it. I’m just going to tell you; I know how you feel when things go horribly wrong. It’s just, one of those days.


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