The smell of pollution

It’s been a while since I last posted. I was travelling people!

So the next few posts are probably going to be about that, starting with this one.

I was at IIT-Bombay the last few days for a fest. This post is not about the fest, but it’s about the place.

The campus is green. Seriously green. People would cycle from place to place. Trees everywhere. It was beautiful. I didn’t really realize this much when I was there, but it was the first time I was breathing fresh air since goodness knows when!


IIT-Bombay campus


I realized this when I came back to Delhi a few days ago. I exited from the metro station, and walked to the main road to take a rickshaw home.

BOOM! I was met with what I will describe as a “wall of dust and smoke”. It smelled toxic. Uncomfortable. It’s a road that I travel on almost everyday when I’m in Delhi, but it was the first time that I noticed how badly polluted that place was.

After the serenity of IIT-Bombay, I actually felt repulsed by this place for a while.

What can we do?


3 thoughts on “The smell of pollution

  1. Spent many weeks in Mumbai – it is one of my favorite cities in the word. So many dreamers, so many sounds, colors and things to do – but the air quality is the one reason I could never ever live there!

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