When you expect nothing….

Life can be so ironic.

I went to Mumbai over this past weekend for a geology fest. And trust me when I say this, I did not have high hopes.

The rules of the fest stated that only 1 team of 4-5 members could participate per event per college. That put a major restriction on our college, since we were 21 of us.

In the train, on the way, the only feeling was disappointment. That we (our team) are going there for nothing. Because, we didn’t expect to do much with just one team, when there were 28 other colleges.
I certainly didn’t.

We decided to participate in only one event per person, so that everyone in our contingent would get to do something at least. Again, it was all without much hope.

I gave my name for the quiz. It was a written preliminary round, and me and 2 others were competing against 28 other colleges. I had no hope that we’ll qualify, because only 6 would go into the next round.

I was just happy to participate, and learn and have something to show for the fact that I was part of that fest.

That evening, I got a call. We had qualified. And what’s more, we were freaking 1st out of the 28 colleges in that first round!!

That momentum took us to the final round, and we placed 2nd 😀

Once the weight of expectation is gone, you’ll feel free.

It wasn’t just the quiz team. Everyone of us had no hopes of winning, and we were all just happy to participate. Everyone one of us placed in the top 3 of every event we took part in!

Hell, we came out as the best institute out of all 28 in the overall championship!

Life, it seems, is like that. It’s a lesson I’ve learnt in this trip. When you do things for the joy of it, and expect nothing in return, you end up giving your best. That gives you things you never thought possible.

Here’s a bit of inspiration for you this week. Whatever it is that you have to do, do it without expecting anything. Trust me, once the weight of expectation is gone, you’ll feel free. And the results will be amazing!


With the championship trophy! (Nadal inspired).



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