Do you have that friend in your friends circle who comes up with jokes all the time? Yes? Good!

If you think this post is about bashing that “joker”, think again. This post is actually from all those jokers to you people who think our jokes are bad. I mean, “why so serious people?”


I bet his friends didn't give him a hard time.

Yes, I make up jokes. And puns are my specialty. But for some strange reason, my friends don’t seem to like them.

Ok, I admit that some of my jokes are bad (maybe even really bad) but you can’t expect every joke to be a hit, can you?

Let me give you some examples.

A good one (in my mind)-

Ron Weasly was so shocked after seeing Hermione with Viktor Krum, he was like an elect-Ron!
I’m serious, he did not seem positive about it at all!

Or maybe-

2 old men were fighting on the road.

What were they fighting out, you ask me?

Honestly, I don’t know. It was some wobbly affair. I didn’t stick around, because the fight had no teeth in it.

A bad one (if I think it’s bad, it’s really bad)-

At a beach party-

A girl walks by in a jumpsuit.

“Hey! Why are you wearing that? This party is at zero elevation!”       

And maybe-

What would happen if Kingfisher opened shop at the North Pole?

-We’d get polar beers too!

Regardless of whether you think our jokes are good or not, admit it, we bring some color to the group dynamics. When you’re blue, we are always here for you!

On a serious note (now you can be serious), ask any stand up comedian, there is rarely an instance when every joke works. And we’re just learning!

So to my friends, I have this to say. Thank you. For being so supportive with remarks like, “aah! I could just pull my hair out!”

Your feedback is valuable to me. Please hold the line while I come back to you with some more of my hair-pulling one liners.


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