The most important thing in the world! I’ve got it!

Hello! Tell me, how was your day? No, I’m not asking you so you can tell me, “it was fine” or “it was good”. Really, HOW was it? What did you do? How did you do it? Why did you do something? What did you get out of today? Something, anything?

The reason I’m asking you this is that, I’ve realized something. The most important thing in the world. It is certainly not money, not comfort, not travel.

The most important thing in the world is stories.

Your day is a story, your week is a story, your month is a story. Each and every experience you have is a story. Each and every thing you do, becomes a story.

Some stories are good, like the time you surprised a friend on her birthday by going to her house.


Some stories are crazy, like the time you would spend an entire night at Marine Drive in Mumbai.

Some stories, are eye-opening. Like the story of you realizing how important it is to prioritize. Which is important, practicing for a dance at your college fest or practicing a speech that can make you the World Champion of Public Speaking?

Some stories, are sad. Like the story of a heartbreak, or when you see your best friend alienated by your other friends, or when the opponent team wins a cricket match when 6 runs are required of the last ball (this happened today).

Some other stories, are just plain stories.

And you know which one’s are the worst of all? You got it right, my friend. It’s the plain stories.

Because these plain stories are not worth telling to someone, anyone. They are just….happenings.

The stories that are really worth creating and experiencing are the stories that you can share with AT LEAST one person in your life.

So I ask you this very important question; what kind of stories have you created today? Are majority of them plain? Are all of them plain? Or have you created a story that will someday bring a smile on your face or help someone?

Create stories that mean something. That’s a day well lived. That’s a life well lived.



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