Would you enter the crowded train or wait for the next one?

A question that is sure to hit you, if you have ever travelled in the Delhi Metro.

But even otherwise, what would you do? Would you take it a crowded train, or would you take the risk of waiting for the next one, hoping that it will be empty?

This question, seems a very simple one. But take this in a broader sense and you just might answer a question that can help you understand yourself better.

Taking the crowded train is a choice that someone who is a risk-free person would take. Because, you never know, what the next train might hold. You are happy to brave it out with the certainty you get with a train that’s already there.

But if you are prepared to wait for the next train, then you probably are a calculated risk taker. You are comfortable with waiting it out for that perfect opportunity, rather than settling for what’s already there.

Now I don’t know if you thought this, but there is a 3rd secret option that you can choose. You neither take the crowded train nor wait for the next one. You get out of the station, and take a cab. Because you like to be in control, and take things into your hands. A true off-beat person.

So, what would you do? What kind of a person are you?


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