This year’s round-up!

In my primary school every year, we would get an assignment. Compile a file with “glimpses of the year” and this is always the year end Christmas assignment. Ugh. “Christmas” and “assignment” actually went together back then. I’m ashamed. Nevertheless, I miss those days. So, I’m going to compile the glimpses of this year, but not of the world, but my life (which is much more interesting to me than what comes in the newspaper these days.)

This year has been, one of the best years of my life. I’d go so far as to say that this year is the year that is the first step to the future I envision for myself. I’ve grown, changed, learnt, and more importantly it’s perceptible. I’ve had to make some decisions, change them and change them again. In the end, it’s all turned out ok 🙂

Blog- The year started with this blog. And I’m happy I’ve kept it going, despite some gaps. I’ve learnt that I love writing, I can be extremely philosophical and I’ve learnt that it’s okay to be like that. I’m not alone 🙂


The blog has fared fairly well too!

Books- I ventured into non-fiction books this year for the the first time in my life, and it’s been great! Not only has my range of knowledge increased, I gotten a different perspective of the world as a result. I fell well short of my target of 50 books, but I did read 25 books in all!
Also, I’ve been called a 45 year old man, because of the kind of books I started reading. Eh, a flip side to everything, isn’t there?

Body- I had a “6-pack mania” phase since last year, but this year I decided just to get fit, regardless of popping abs.
I’ve been working really hard since June of this year and I’m really happy that I’m the fittest I’ve ever been in my life! (But no pictures enclosed.)

People- I’ve finally accepted that you can’t have everyone in your life. And you just have to let go. In the end, you are what you’ll always have, so be true to yourself.
People have also entered my life, and I’m grateful for that. I went of a few trips this year, and they were splendid. More so because of the people I went with. The memories, especially from Mumbai will last.


Because a bed a too mainstream in Mumbai.

Perceptions- “Don’t care about what others think.” I’ve heard this so much. It finally manifested as experiences in my life. And it’s affirmed that it’s your personal belief that’s most important.

Passion- I am extremely passionate about public speaking, and this year has been THE year where I believe i’ve made a mark in this field. Toastmasters has been great, I won many contests. Also, I got my first paid work as a speaker this year. Hopefully, the passion will turn into a profession in the years to come.
I also gained many friends and mentors in this speaking journey this year. And they are what I will cherish most from this year.



And that is my go-to person for feedback on everything for odd jobs like being the camera lady or test audience for my speeches 😛

My resolution is to continue this growth in 2016!


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