Insecurities misplaced?

You know that feeling when you really want to write something, but there are so many things in your mind, you just can’t zero in on one topic?

It’s exactly what I’m feeling right now. My mind is just so…cluttered.

Writing this blog post feels different too. This is the first post that I am writing on my laptop in months, I always use the WordPress app these days (you should try it, if you haven’t. It’s pretty handy).

And just like that, I have a topic in front of my eyes now! (well, mind’s eye, really). Nothing like a bit of writing to help clear your thoughts.

I recently came across this picture on Instagram (which I’m not able to find) and I’d like to share the quote written on it:

People in the old days got mad when someone read their diary, but these days people post everything online and get mad when no one reads it.

The simplicity of the quote shocked me. How the world has changed! In a world so interconnected, we crave for attention and not privacy. The more you reveal, the more sensational you become and that’s what people seem to want.

Even blogs, for that matter, are diaries online that are open to the public domain. And I see many bloggers sharing really personal stuff. I’m not saying that’s bad; it helps when people around the world facing the same problem support you. You don’t feel so alone anymore. The comfort, even from typed words, help.

But there is a stark difference between blogs and other social media platform (or so I feel). Blogs still have a sense of innocence in them. Other bloggers are all supportive, and there is no one to ridicule you or smash you for what you have said about your life.

Facebook, Twitter and other platforms aren’t like that. They are filled with maniacs waiting to pounce on their next victim. And this is sometimes worse than a physical assault; this is psychological. And these platforms are unforgiving. They will rip you apart like a dog does to a rag doll. Only, there are thousands of dogs.

Take the recent “ROAST ME” fad.

These pictures were taken fro Google Images; I don’t mean to defame these people.

People post a picture of themselves with a sign saying “roast me”. And the internet proceeds to point out every flaw in you there can be. More often than not, your deepest fears of what people think about you come out. I’d be surprised if you DON’T get depressed.

All for what? A bit of attention?

I fail to understand why people don’t want privacy anymore. ‘Craving attention’ doesn’t answer the entire question. You can get attention with a good photo or an interesting status. Why open your soul, why share your deepest doubts to people who have no interest or say in your life? How could life become so…shallow?

It’s a general wonderment. I don’t have the answer. But I’d love to know what you have to say about this. And ‘craving attention’ doesn’t count.

(P.S- The opening few lines are still there, because there are still some people who ask me, how you get topics to write about. People, that’s my train of thought. Feel free to ride your own train. It’ll take you to interesting places 😉 )



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