The flip side of a lax college…

In response to Daily Post’s writing prompt: (YAWN)

Boredom is what I’m going through this semester.

People cry, because they have long weeks. Every Friday evening is seen as Christmas, for all they care. And all they want in life is a life where they don’t have to work and can do whatever they want.

I seem to have got their prayers manifested in my life, because that’s what I have this semester. I have a 3 day week. Yes, you read that right, it’s not a typo. 

This semester, we have only three subjects, so my department very sensibly packed these three subjects into 3 days, giving the rest of the week as a holiday.

If you are thinking, “oh you lucky ass!”, think again. Because I would gladly exchange a 5 day week to this madness.

I have so much free time, I don’t know what to do! Anything I do, seems to get over so fast and I’m left staring at the wall, or worse, at YouTube.

I could, of course, pack my week with other things to do. But when you have this sort of a life, you lose the drive to do anything! It’s because you have a 5 day week, that you would have lots of ideas on how to spend your weekend, and you will make the most of it. With a 3 day week, complacency sets in. There is always a tomorrow.

I’m trying to not let this take me over, because I know that next semester, when I get into my Master’s program, I am sure as hell not going to have it so easy. But as of now…..

Life. Is. Boredom.


2 thoughts on “The flip side of a lax college…

  1. I take it you are not going to enjoy retirement. I have a zero day week, but for some reason it feels busier than when I had a job, husband, kids (at times) and did all my own gardening, cooking and cleaning–and traveling to shows. In retirement you learn how to fill your days with what you want to do rather than what you have to do. Would you like a few lessons on how to fill in time??? Nah. It just sounds like preaching when the old tell the young what to do. Just believe me that the richness of life comes from what you choose to do rather than what you are obliged to do. See you next semester and we promise not to remind you about how you bemoaned your walk on easy street!!! ;o)


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