What every January teaches you

Another January has come and gone. You’ve made resolutions, stuck to them for a day, a week or all month. You’ve had a shot at the new year, and you have come away with something. Congratulations, you’ve made it through!

This month is usually the most talked about. “The most anticipated. It’s a chance to set the clock again”, they say. But it’s more than that. January always comes and goes and some lessons are reinforced in our lives.

It’s overrated. With all this hype about how this month can shape your year, you’d expect January to have some special powers. Well, no. You could just as well shape your year in the middle of September if you wanted. Any day, any second can be that moment that you change your life. It’s just convenient that we do it in January because we feel fresh when something new sstarts

January does not make you keep promises. It prompts you to make them. But you are the one who has to be motivated to keep them.

It’s never as cold as you think it’ll be. Blame climate change for that. We’re the snow! Where’s the biting cold and the need for 3 blankets at night!!!?

But that also means…life isn’t as bad as you think it is. There will always be warmth.

Here’s to a warm February! Ahem, a warm life and cold weather in February!



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