The underrated sport

Lately, I’ve become super passionate about rock climbing. Now, if you are scratching your head, let me tell you this: rock climbing, and climbing in general is a legit sport.

That’s news your 7 year-old self might revel in, huh? I’ve had my fair share of climbing experiences in my childhood. Trees, small sheds, cars. It was the perfect seed to grow a life of climbing and a parkour career!

Unfortunately, that was not to be. But it’s never too late! Although I cannot make it big as a professional in this, I love this sport.


It's just you, and that section you are climbing.

Rock climbing is exactly as the name suggests; you climb rocks. Real or artificial.
What’s so captivating about this sport is that you are really competing against yourself each time you climb. This isn’t like other sports where you can’t tangibly see an improvement in yourself (it’s hard to tell whether you are stronger or fitter when you could beat an opponent one day, and lose to the same opponent the next day). If you have climbed higher, faster, you are better than you were.

I also love the tranquility you get with climbing. When you are on the rock (or wall) it’s just you. Everything else shuts down. You don’t hear a sound, and you don’t think about anything else other than your next move. It’s slow, methodical and oddly surreal.

This isn’t easy, mind you. If you think it is, I suggest you go to the nearest climbing gym and give it a shot. This sport requires insane upper body strength, grip strength and finger strength. No wonder rock climbers are ripped without ever lifting weights. Hell, these guys can do pull ups with 1 finger!

And guess what? They even have World Cups and World Championships in this sport too! There are many different categories as well.
Among them, the category that impressed me most has to be bouldering. If you can do a moderate boulder problem, you have my respect. I will officially consider you, a strong person.


That's bouldering

All challenges aside, I really think you should give this sport a shot, if only for once. You’ll come back with a reality check on how strong you are, and will probably get hooked like I did!


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