Oblique thoughts #2

Slow and steady wins the race.

This is a controversial one, I tell you. First of all, you wouldn’t exist, if slow and steady wins the race. That’s right. 50% of you was fast. So fast that it beat many a million competitors to make you alive today.
And if you ever have that wonderful opportunity to visit Jamaica, do go to Usain Bolt’s house. Walk up to his front porch, and ring the door bell. He’ll open it. And tell him, “slow and steady wins the race.” He’ll whack you so hard you’ll end up in Trinidad and Tobago.

But, I believe such cases are few and far apart. In most things in life, speed thrills but kills. Eating. Working. Speaking. You name any of the common activities that hold importance in life and you will see that being slow and steady will get you across much better than if you were rushing.

So, running fast or taking your time, choose wisely depending on what your situation is.


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