Oblique thoughts #4

Every dog, has it’s day.

So you’ll be better off being cautious, especially in the slightly bigger moments of life.

I remember this one instance of my life, when I was in 8th grade. We had just received our papers after a unit test, and I had gotten 39.5 out of 40. Now, that’s always rounded off to 40, so I had topped! Wohoo!

Just then, another guy in my class, Rajesh (name changed) came to see my paper. As if by comparing his paper with mine, he would magically increase his score. While he was comparing, he suddenly snapped his head up and looked at me with gleaming eyes. I looked into my answer sheet, to see that he had found a mistake, one that my teacher had missed. One that would cost me half a mark, and would result in a score of 39. That’s NOT effectively 40. Rajesh wasn’t going to let that go, was he. I looked at him, imploring him to keep quiet. We had a whispering battle back at the end of the class. Unfortunately for me, my teacher head that (damn his sharp hearing).

He immediately asked what was going on. Rajesh stood up and shouted, “Sir! He’s got extra marks! There’s a mistake here.” The class grew silent. Everyone, was looking at me. Sir called me to the front. He took the paper. Saw the mistake. Corrected it. And gave it back. I looked at him in shock, “Sir, marks?” He said, “let it be.” (Bless his kind heart).

As I walked back, I flashed Rajesh the most devilish grin of my life. Oh yes my friend, I just had my day.


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