Oblique thoughts #5

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.

Let’s take this literally for a second. Why should we only make lemonade? Why not squeeze lemons in a curry and add a little zing? Or, as a true blue DU student, why not make a banta? (Banta is a local drink in Delhi made from soda and squeezed lemon. It’s an elixir in the summers, I tell you.)

Whatever it is that you want to make, the point of this line is to make the best out of what you’ve got. And let me tell you this; if you really really want to make that lemonade, the lemons will help you out too! Nothing is better to demonstrate this than what happened last night in Bengaluru.

Last over. 11 runs required. Hardik Pandya comes up to bowl. First 3 balls, 9 runs scored. Bangladesh have the match in the bag, many television sets around the country are already being switched off.

Dhoni and Nehra virtually have a team meeting before the ball is bowled. Next ball, out. Next ball, out. Bangladesh on self destruct mode! Last ball, 2 runs required. Well, you know what Dhoni did.

My point being, the Indian team did something incredible last night. More specifically, Dhoni did something incredible last night. He was served with lemons, and he decided to squeeze the hell out of them. In this case, the lemons actually helped. They squeezed themselves before Dhoni even applied any pleasure. He was all to happy to complete what they already started.


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