The year of physical peakness


The year I’ll reach my physical fitness peak.
That’s a promise I’ve made to myself.

This journey, to get into peak physical condition, started waaaay back in 2014. When I read a magazine ad that promised 6 pack abs in 18 days. Well, 18 days. That’s not too long. And 6 pack abs are a big thing today. I should do it! I thought to myself.

2 years later, here I am. Still no 6 pack abs. Well, that’s partially untrue, I can finally see my abs if I tighten my core, so these 2 years haven’t been a complete waste of my life.

I’m sure, just like me, there must be many of you with your own fitness goals. Not just fitness, I’m sure you all have some long-term personal goals that’s probably taking my longer than you thought it would.

For all of you, I want to share my story. My story from the last 2 years, and especially, the story from the last 3 months where I completely turned my life around fitness wise. The point of this story, is to identify the things that you’ll definitely need to achieve any goal you have in life, and to show you how one person’s mistakes can be a source of inspiration (and entertainment) in another person’s life. Don’t be afraid to bare your mistakes, for that could be the best thing you can do for someone, somewhere in the world.


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