The first 3 mistakes I made.

Normally, any new endeavor is met with that initial, buoyant success.

If you start playing a new sport, you tend to get quite good really fast, before things go spiraling down after 2 months.

If you have just started learning to play the guitar, the beginner’s enthusiasm coupled with easy songs to play will make you feel like the next Jimmy Page. Before, you are brought back down to earth with just ONE moderately difficult song…..

If you’ve just started to cook, you’re going to cook that amazing poached egg after just 12 tries, and everyone’s going to love it! Then they’ll ask you to try and make a blueberry cheesecake and…..well, yeah.

Unfortunately, my new endeavor to better fitness did NOT meet with any initial success. At all. Nada. Zilch.

It did start off with plenty of guidance. I wasn’t doing this blind of course.



Yeah, right.

My first mistake- believing in this ad.
It doesn’t matter if you are even genetically advanced. You cannot get 6 pack abs in 18 days. Period. (Well, maybe if you are genetically enhanced specifically for this). 30 days? Still unlikely. 2 months? Possibly. If you are super committed and exercise for 3 hours a day, 6 days a week and eat absolutely healthy food.
For normal mortals like you and me, it’ll take at least 6-8 months before we can see substantial gains.

My second mistake- dieting.
The solution to losing fat is NOT not eating at all. In those 18 days, I decided to eat only proteins and just a tiny bit of carbs. Zero fat at all.
The result was that I was hungry all the time and I lost a weight, but I didn’t get the muscle that I wanted.
The body needs to have everything; proteins, fats and carbs. Each plays a very important role in the functioning of your body, and ignoring even 1 of them completely is not going to give you the results you want.

My third mistake- crunching my stomach off.
Now, that’s an expression you would not have heard before at all. This “workout routine” prescribed a set of crunches (reps and sets) to get the best results. It did suggest a few other exercises as well, but honestly, this was what I was doing the whole time.

18 days later…..

My back hurt. My neck hurt. My hips hurt. But the thing that was supposed to hurt and be sore, my abs, did not.
I was hungry. Really hungry. I was sick of eggs and I really wanted to go eat a pizza. And I did.
And, most important of all, I threw that stupid booklet into the trash.

What I learnt from this experience was that popular, quick-fix ways to fitness do not work. That’s just a marketing stunt, built to generate false hope.

You want a hot body, you want to be fit? You’ve got to sweat it out my friend.

So that’s what I began to do….


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