Why I believe in God

I have always believed in God because I was told to believe in Him. Because I thought it is a given that He is there, watching over me and guiding me in times of need. I only needed to call Him out, ask Him for his help and He was there.

But in the recent few years, that belief dwindled. I found myself wondering if he even existed. The basis for this questioning is still not clear to me. But I found Him wanting in some respects. More than anything, I was unconvinced by how there can be a being who is all powerful and can do anything that He wishes. I did not like that idea. “Why would there be some entity like this? What is the purpose? Surely it’s not JUST to serve the needs of the human race.”

There is no other living being in the world that has the ability to even believe in Him. It’s only us, humans, who have the consciousness and the mental ability to construct an image for God and believe in Him.

What about life before humans, then? Where was He then? What did he do? 14 billion years is a long long time, even in celestial accounts. What did He do all that time before humans came and worshiped Him? These questions did not have a satisfactory answer, and so my belief in His existence dwindled.

Then came the question that if it’s really not sure whether He exists or not, why do people believe in Him? For help?

God helps those who helps themselves.

If that is so, then basically it’s you doing your work and Him giving a push. He is like the NOS of a car. If the car is standing still, switching on the NOS will probably blow it up. It only works and helps the car run faster, if it already running.

If that is so, a better car, being a better driver of that car, will negate the need for NOS completely. There will be no need for God. It’s just you.

And then the answer came. As to why people believe in God.

I think that the idea that you are all alone in this world is scary to most people. I used to to think that I am strong enough to handle it. I am strong enough to take the fact that in this world, everything that happens or will happen is in your hands. That idea is liberating, isn’t it? Everything, is in your hands. You don’t have to depend on anyone.

Whenever you pray, you aren’t calling out to a superior being. You are just appealing to your own subconscious mind that will then give you the power, the strength to do what you need to do.

But this idea is actually more scary than it is liberating. Because most people cannot take the fact that they are alone. Humans in general need the support of the people around them. We are social beings. 1.2 million years of evolution has hardwired our brain to think that by being with someone, you are better off. Rewiring that, is a big job. A hard job. A job that requires more resolve and strength than you can imagine.

It doesn’t matter if that support comes from somewhere incomprehensible to us right now. It just feels good to know that it’s there.

And that is why, I now choose to believe in Him. I believe the God is a manifestation of our subconscious mind and the enormous power residing there. By appealing to Him, we are seeking help. The world is a cruel place and whether you like it or not, everything is NOT in your hands. Some things, are outside our control no matter what. And when you think about that, it helps to have someone by your side who CAN control all odds, and tip it in your favour.

God exists. In my mind. He is my support, He is the person whom I request to take care of all those things beyond my control, so that I can fully and completely take care of the things in my control.


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