Too much of one thing is never good….

In the last few weeks, I’ve taken my workout routine to an all new high.

I’ve started playing football in my university, and finally I’ve started doing something that has a social aspect to it as well. All this while, I would be cooped up in my room reading, or watching movies, or working out in the gym (alone). It’s really important that you socialize, especially when you are in a new place. Humans require other humans (no matter how much of a loner you say you are). Ever since football, my moods have significantly improved, I’m getting much deeper sleep and I have had more energy in my days. And, of course, more acquaintances.

But, there has been a real downside to this. More specifically, let’s take about Friday, Sept 2nd.

Guilty of eating a lot of junk during the week (yep! I had pizzas, lots of dessert and 3 helpings of a very tasty chocolate cake), I decided to go all out on Friday. This was my plan-

  1. 12 km of cycling.
  2. Strength training in the form of pull ups.
  3. 1 hour of football.

I did it all. I came back to my room, and crashed. Next day (yesterday) we had a friendly football match against a local team and I was in the starting 11. I was really confidant that if anything, with all this running and cycling my stamina is up and I’ll be able to run. My body, disagreed.

tired के लिए चित्र परिणाम

Part of it was my fault. I didn’t warm up. I didn’t stretch. I reached the ground late and I went straight into the match. It was a jolt that my body refused to accept after the gruesome training I put it through on Friday. I was struggling to breath, struggling to keep the ball in possession and struggling to even kick it 10 meters. I was benched in the 2nd half and my mood has been lousy since then.

All of this could have been avoided, first, if I hadn’t eaten so much junk during the week. That would have stopped me from feeling guilty and over training (but come on, hostel food sucks now). And, I should have had my wits about even when I was overtraining. I should have stopped myself, because deep down I know that I know better.

Just goes to show, that too much of anything is never, ever good. Stay sharp, stay centered.


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