Thank you, Delhi University

And it’s done.

3 years. It’s been 3 years since I became a part of this ridiculously awesome world, and it’s been one hell of a ride. These three years have seen me grow, learn to love myself, love others, be comfortable with change, be comfortable with new people and embrace experiences. Continue reading


Odd-even: Delhi enters the pollution battle

This is a post on my other blog related to environmental issues 🙂 thought you’d like a read.


Dear 21st century humans,

Odds and evens. Come the New Year, amongst all the hype and hoola around another year, we have the Delhi Government set to tackle it’s major new year resolution: reducing the air pollution of the city.
The Chief Minister Mr. Arvind Khejriwal has come up with a policy of allowing cars with odd-numbered plates to run on odd dates, and even-numbered plates to run on even dates.


This method is a replication of the format used in Beijing, and something that was attempted in Mexico City to control traffic.

Will this work?

I’m a little sceptical. First of all, this policy in itself has so many exceptions and conditions. Here are some of them-

1. This rule is applicable only from 8 AM to 8 PM.
2. Women who are alone in cars are exempted from this rule.
3. In a medical emergency, you are exempted…

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When exams beckon…

November. That month.

That month when exams force their way through all resistance and become our best friend with an evil smile, and you just have to live with it.


It’s pretty much the same story with every Delhi University student; we hate this month through and through.

What’s worse is that it’s only when we have absolutely mundane things to study that all sorts of fantastic things come into mind! I could think of so many USEFUL things I could do, things really worth my while, and I was…stuck.

But, after these exams get over, you are just left staring into space wondering what to do with life!?

Such is the irony of life.

After 5 days of this pointless existence (yes, I’m facing that too), I’ve decided to pull myself together. I’m going to try and put all those wonderful, “useful” plans into action and it starts with this blog!

What are you up to this winter break? Comment!

10 perks of being in Delhi University

College life is the definitive period of every person’s life. It’s where you get your first shot at “living”. If you are in India, nothing beats the experience you will get in the country’s top university, Delhi University.
If you have managed to survive the ridiculous cut-offs and the days of standing in lines getting admission, congratulations. You have entered into what will arguably be the most eventful years of your life.

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